Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fuck Your Luddites - Friedman on Sabotage

I just discovered that early skateboard/hardcore/hip hop photographer Glen E. Friedman has a blog. I guess this isn't surprising, since everyone and their mother has one, but I'm always impressed when one of my hero's has one and waxes polemic.

An interesting post on Glen E. Friedman's Blog "What The Fuck Have You Done" on Robots vs. Luddites

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

White People

Sometimes you just look around and certain amount if normalcy or predictability in your life make you sick. You kind of wonder what's up, and why doesn't anyone give a shit. Allow me, if you will a simple rant. My apologies to those without a sense of humor.

White People
are happy play drums along to some live music by a reggae band fronted by this guy:

But not before stopping here:

or here:in their car:
with their dog:
that they just picked up from:

maybe he got a brand new

who got a hold of their copy of:

Which they borrowed from their friend from the bar:

so now they gotta go back to the bookstore:

and get another copy...and maybe pick up a new release: