Friday, August 03, 2007

A few Website Finds of Interest

Pixsy is another video search engine that claims to be:

The Leader in Private Label Multimedia Search Solutions
  • private label video and image search engines
  • private label video and image search portals
  • private label video and image search widgets
I've perused it briefly and it looks pretty cool. Doesn't look like there are any embedding features though.

Trulia uses Google Maps to find home listings in the area of your choice, without having to click through to bigger listing sites. I played around with it in the West Palm Beach area and couldn't believe my eyes at the price discrepancies between houses that were 1 block away from each other. I saw one house in the low 200's and another in the mid 400's. No wonder the bubble's popped.

Seeqpod is an MP3 search engine that lets you find MP3's that have been posted all over the web. It's a good way to preview tracks from artists without having to go to a lot of different sites. Has a nice embedding feature too. Here's a good track from the sleeper hit Arizona Dream starring Johnny Depp (a soundtrack I've been on the look out for for many years).


Skreemr is another audio search engine, but doesn't appear to have any embedding capabilities, but you can listen on the site or click through to the hosting site.

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