Friday, August 17, 2007

Who we're not...

I named my comic/website Satyricom after reading Petronius' Satyricon - as much as one can read a book that doesn't survive in the complete form. Sections are missing but it doesn't really detract from the over all story, which is one of the first examples of a novel. Satyricon succeeds in that it seems to lambaste everything about the time it was written, and exhibits subject matter that would no doubt incite cries of objection, from many different circles of belief and morality, if it were released today. In a nut shell, it's parody, and it's satire - and thanks to the schmucks (said with reverence) at Mad Magazine, satire and parody are a big part of what I look for in humor to this day.

I am also a sucker for puns and playing with words and phrases (perhaps this can also be attributed to those afforementioned schmucks.). What name could possible lay it out better for my cartoon world's multinational, trans-global, all encompassing corporation than the simple word - Satyricom?

So perhaps you came across this post through google, or you miss typed the Norwegian Black Metal Band Satyricon's name, if that is the case, I'm sure you are thoroughly disappointed by all of this, and I apologize, because if there is one thing I could possibly say that my site is guaranteed to not be similar too, it is Norwegian Black Metal. But hey, too each their own. Please don't hurt me, or dig up my ancestors.

We are also not to be confused with is Italian Director Fredrico Fellini's Satyricon of which I have not seen, nor can I offer any insight into the differences between his version of Satyricom and my cast of characters that make up a completely unrelated web comic/comix that goes by the name Satyricom. <---That should bode well for a confusing search engine quote.

I'll routinely update this site with further reminders of who we are not.

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